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The Yacht

Aliikai is a 41 m wooden boat being entirely refitted in Bali in 2019 -2020. Its keel was laid in the small village of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi in 2005 and It took 3 years with the help of dozen of carpenters and finishers to complete the vessel.
Being used as an expedition boat for small groups or families around the lesser Sunda islands for almost 14 years, Aliikai began its transformation in November and is now awaiting you to continue to write its story.
Designed with an emphasis on space, privacy, and comfort, Aliikai boasts 7 generous cabins on three decks, an intimate and cozy lounge & dining room, a spacious sky deck, and a vast alfresco area on the main deck. Aliikai has plenty of lounge areas for everybody.


Aliikai is fitted with 7 cabins spread on its 3 decks. 2 master suites each featuring a large private terrace are located at the aft of the vessel. 2 double bed cabins with a sea view are located on the upper deck. Each of the 4 cabins is equipped with a king-size bed that can be split into 2 single beds and great sea view through their windows on the breathtaking landscapes surrounding you at any time.
2 double bed cabins are located on the lower deck with queen size beds. A third cabin is located at the bow and is equipped with an additional sofa that can be transformed into a single bed.
All cabins are fitted with ensuite bathrooms, wardrobes, and remote AC.
Paying tribute to Aliikai’s rich and extensive Indonesian history, carefully selected items collected from the previous voyages will adorn the ship.

Main deck

Aliikai’s Indoor Lounge and Dining area is an air-conditioned multiple-purpose space where guests can enjoy a meal or relax while taking refuge from the mid-day sun. The wrap-around windows give the interior lounge an airy, expansive feel while staying connected to the rugged landscape.Folder glass doors open to the covered Outdoor Lounge and Dining area where guests will enjoy al fresco dining under the stars and space to relax on one of the comfortable day beds and sofas.

Upper lounge

Aliikai’s Upperdeck Lounge transforms from a mindful space for morning yoga and a relaxing lounge surrounded by the natural breeze. In the evening, the crew turns the lounge into a cinema under the stars where guests can choose from our selection of movies – popcorn included.

Service Onboard

We fully understand service plays a significant part in the overall experience and quality of your cruise. Aliikai has a dedicated and highly experienced Indonesian crew of 12 led by our western expedition leader who will cater to all your cruise needs as well as guide you through our favorite secret spots we have discovered throughout our extensive travel through the archipelago. Our talented chef will create flavorful dishes inspired by the multiple spices and ingredients that can be found throughout the Indonesia creating a culinary experience at all your meals.

Dive Center

Aliikai is fully equipped for the most adventurous divers. Our diving areas offer plenty of space to prepare your equipment before each dive. We have added a shower to warm you up after your night dives and a ventilated camera room for you to work on your camera and making sure you capture the best moments from each dive.

Call with the captain

You have any question or just want to know more about what you could experience with us ? Let’s plan a call with our onboard captain !

Cruise the Archipelago

Aliikai’s size, comfort, abundant living spaces, and sailing capabilities make Aliikai one of the highest sought after phinisi of Indonesia. Chartering Aliikai to journey into the vast and wildest archipelago in the world is much more than just a cruise; it is an unparalleled experience that will fully immerse you into exquisite nature, culture, and unique adventures.

Throughout the year, Aliikai will open a limited number of voyages, sold by the cabin for smaller groups, couples, and honeymooners who would like to experience our tailor-made itineraries and unique experiences.


Centuries of rich boatbuilding traditions make sailing on a phinisi a genuinely authentic Indonesian experience. It will uncover your explorer’s soul, and you’ll feel the spirit of the legendary Bugis tribe run through your veins.

A diverse country with a colorful history, exotic culture, and nature, our cruises aim to bring you to the heart of Indonesia’s spectacular wonders. At the same time, our passionate and dedicated team creates unique and singular experiences that make your journey come alive.


Explore the realm of the Komodo dragons, the storied Spice Islands, the underwater kingdoms of Raja Ampat the Flores Sea, and the Hammerhead shark migration of the Banda sea. Climb volcanoes, dive with mantas, and bask in rose-hued sunsets from the decks of Aliikai. Fully staffed and yours to command, each cruise takes you on a journey to rarely seen wonders, with every detail tailored to personal preference. Satisfy a yearning for adventure with uncomplicated serenity, Aliikai’s voyages are a unique way to experience untouched environments in some of the world’s most remote and attractive destinations.

Raja Ampat

Located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province.An archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau.

Home to the largest manta ray sanctuary & the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world and earning the Prized Crown Jewel of Indonesia award as a global center of marine biodiversity. Raja Ampat is the most protected marine areas in Indonesia. 75% of all Hard Coral Species that exist in the world are in Raja Ampat.

Komodo Island

A UNESCO World Heritage site located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores.
Home of the biggest lizard on earth, the Komodo Dragon, existing nowhere else in the world.
World-class dive sites, one of the world’s most vibrant underwater environments, from pristine corals, mantas, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and giant pelagic animals to tiny pygmy seahorses…


Located at the eastern side of the lesser Sunda Islands, Alor and its neighboring islands of Solor, Pantar, and Lembata are home to wild and volcanic landscapes combined with rich cultures.

The marine life is flourishing thanks to the strong currents flowing in the narrow straights that provide very exciting dives through the pristine coral system, drift dives, and breathtaking encounters with hammerhead and thresher sharks.

Land expeditions through the amazing landscapes will lead you to lost villages where the Abui tribe live famous for their waving technics and traditional way of living. Our cruises through Alor archipelago are a perfect combination for on land and marine adventures and are among our most exciting one.

Banda Sea

The forgotten islands and Banda islands are a chain of tiny volcanic islands lying between Timor and West Papua. Often known as the Southwest Moluccas, this group of very remote and rarely accessible islands has a rich history and incredible diving.

With a deep wall, flourishing colorful corals, pinnacles, and volcanic slopes, the forgotten islands are on the bucket list of every diver. Nils Desperendum and Terbang are hotspots for divers in search of schools of hammerhead sharks migrating through the waters of the Banda Sea.

Landscapes are ever-changing as you sail to the north from the lush tropical forest and active volcanos to dry flatter islands dominated by Savannah and Mangroves.


Whichever destination you chose for your underwater adventure, experience the best diving experience of your life. Indonesia’s tropical climate and pleasantly warm ocean surfaces made it possible for you to enjoy diving and snorkelling all year-long. Experience some of the most colourful diving explorations of your life. Island-hopping is also one of the things our guests loved. Get the most out of your experience exploring Indonesia’s beauty by combining trekking and cruising, the best ways to experience the country’s rich and diverse nature.

Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle

Some of the waters surrounding islands are too narrow and shallow for the tenders to reach. Our kayaks and stand up paddle are the perfect ways to adventure silently into nature to observe the local fauna up close. In between dives or snorkeling sessions, you will venture into lagoons, through small rivers or mangrove forests accompanied by the sound of nature while burning calories. The perfect combination of adventure and low-impact exercise.


Indonesia is located right in the middle of the coral triangle concentrating more than 76% of all coral species, every dive will be exceptional. From the world-famous Komodo islands to the off beaten tracks journeys of the eastern islands of Indonesia, Alor, forgotten islands, Raja Ampat and Cendrawasih bay to name just a few offers limitless possibilities.
Our experienced Dive Masters will guide you to the discovery of the hidden wonders of Indonesia.


Snorkeling in the most abundant waters of the planet will introduce you to a new world full of amazing creatures.
Imagine swimming with the graceful Manta Rays, dance with the gentle giant whale shark, or glide above healthy and colorful coral gardens. Every single snorkeling session will be a moment of joy and adventure for everyone. The only equipment needed is masks, fins, and a snorkel!


Created by the endless erupting volcanos, the islands of Indonesia formed from the raw forces of nature. Home to wild and volcanic landscapes combined with deep and untouched jungle, trekking options during one of our cruise are limitless.
Climb to the top of one of the many islands to experience a fabulous sunset of ever-changing colors or trek through the jungle of Papua in search of the famous but rarely seen bird of Paradise are among our many options that you will have to choose.


Indonesia’s reputation as a tropical paradise is due to its blissful beaches and luxuriant rain forest and the abundance of wildlife. The tropical weather all over the archipelago has encouraged the existence of more than 380 endemic species many migratory species.

Sailing is often the only way to access the most remote islands home to the rarest tropical birds. Aliikai’s led cruises will take you in search of the many endemic species present on the tropical islands of Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Alor & Wetar, and West Papua.


Inspired by the numerous spices of Indonesia, our talented chef creates dishes infused with these rich and exotic flavors with a subtle mix of western and traditional cuisine. Our cuisine is a discovery of new tastes and a combination of flavors to fuel your day with energy to fully enjoy your adventures. The specially created menus have been designed to meet all our passengers’ needs, and we offer vegan, vegetarian options.
For those who wish to delve deeper into the tastes of Indonesia, you’re welcome to join the chef on his visit to the local market or join him in a cooking class using these exotic ingredients.


Relaxation and comfort with the backdrop of breathtaking scenery are what you can expect from each of Aliikai’s cruises. With plenty of open space and privacy, guests can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation, a Balinese massage. Each sailing includes an experienced and licensed onboard a therapist available for massages on the deck or the deck of your master cabin. On days when the ship calls on a deserted island, we can arrange the ultimate beach massage. Imagine stepping foot on a pristine beach fringed with swaying palms to enjoy a blissful treatment performed under the shade of an umbrella while the gentle breeze passes through, and the only sounds are the gentle waves rolling onto the shore. That is the exquisite luxury of Aliikai.


Private Voyage:

  • Private charter
  • Max 15 guests
  • Personalized itinerary

Private Voyage 2023

  • Published Rate: 8500 USD + 11% tax per night for up to 10 passengers
  • Additional Passengers: 275 USD person/night + 11% tax

Shared Voyage: View Calendar

  • Owner Cabin:
    Published Rate: 950 USD person/night
  • Oceanview with windows:
    Published Rate: 810 USD person/night
  • Oceanwiew with porthole:
    Published Rate: 740 USD person/night
  • Family Cabin:
    Published Rate: 740 USD person/night
  • Single Supplment: 50% of the nightly rate

*  Rates are based on double occupancy
Subject to 11% tax

Komodo: 3 Night Minimum Voyage
Other Destinations: 7 Night Minimum Voyage

June to September: Komodo & Sumbawa
September – Mid November: Alor Archipelago & Banda Sea
Mid November – End April: Raja Ampat & Papua


“Our passion for adventure has taken us to the far corners of the world. What we’ve discovered from planning our personal travels is that nothing brings a family or friends together like experiencing the wondrous world in comfort and ease. Traveling in a well thought out space with multiple activities and added amenities allows everyone to explore a new destination on their schedule while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

When designing Aliikai, we wanted to create a yacht that brings people together, not only the people you’re traveling with but with those living in the far reaches of Indonesia. Experiencing foreign cultures allows us to see the world from a new perspective and appreciation.

Aliikai is our gift to you.


Tailor your ultimate expedition with us