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Aliikai’s size, comfort, abundant living spaces, and sailing capabilities make Aliikai one of the highest sought after phinisi of Indonesia. Chartering Aliikai to journey into the vast and wildest archipelago in the world is much more than just a cruise; it is an unparalleled experience that will fully immerse you into exquisite nature, culture, and unique adventures.

Throughout the year, Aliikai will open a limited number of voyages, sold by the cabin for smaller groups, couples, and honeymooners who would like to experience our tailor-made itineraries and unique experiences.

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Tropical Lagoon and Limestone Islands in Wayag, Raja Ampat


Centuries of rich boatbuilding traditions make sailing on a phinisi a genuinely authentic Indonesian experience. It will uncover your explorer’s soul, and you’ll feel the spirit of the legendary Bugis tribe run through your veins.

A diverse country with a colorful history, exotic culture, and nature, our cruises aim to bring you to the heart of Indonesia’s spectacular wonders. At the same time, our passionate and dedicated team creates unique and singular experiences that make your journey come alive.


We are available for private charter cruise ( starting from 8500 USD ) and shared trip ( starting at 740 USD / night /person )



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    What an AMAZING trip!

    “What an amazing trip!! Over the moon with the staff, such as Norman and Arie. Food was amazing, the service of the staff excellent. They all where very attentive in making this trip one of a lifetime, very adaptive to accommodate anybody’s whishes and needs. The cabins where very spacious, and I loved the interior! I am an artist so I always love to see beautiful combinations of colors and tasteful furniture. Cant wait to be back on the Aliikai!!”

    Irene Hoff

    Beyond expectations

    We chartered Aliikai Voyage for 5 nights beginning of July 2021 with my family around the Komodo Islands.
    The boat was simply amazing offering us huge comfort and huge amount of space allowing all of us to find our own private space during the cruise.

    The crew was amazing and helpful at any time of the day, always finding new activity ideas and taking great care of our children! We will forever remember our snorkeling with Manta Rays and Whale Shark, a truly magical experience with this gentle giants!

    Food was excellent and we even had a special birthday cake for our youngest kid!

    I really recommend Aliikai Voyage for families looking for a safe boat to explore Indonesia. We will for sure be back in the coming years to visit Raja Ampat!

    Paul Tosake

    Truly one of the best trip I’ve ever…

    Truly one of the best trip I’ve ever had ! And that’s heavily contributed to the amazing crew. The attention and care that was given by the crew was top service, better than most 5 star hotels. Whatever we ask, there is no word “no”, they always try to accommodate it as best as they can and that in itself is worth the price. The flexibility of the itinerary is also amazing and made it special because we would go to untouched places that no tourists has gone to and thus was able to really appreciate the beauty of the places we went to without any disturbance from other tourists. Pa arie was also very knowledgable in making sure we go to certain places at the right time because Weather tends to change really quickly in raja ampat. Can’t thank the crew enough for their constant effort to always make sure we have fun and enjoy our whole trip. First time going off the radar with no signal, surprisingly felt good and a week went by so fast.

    Johannes Oeij

    Extraordinary !!

    Aliikai give us a spendid journey in Raja Ampat! The crew so warm and welcoming. My family personal favorite are William, Yudi, Wayan, Norman and of course the cruise director Pa Arie. They are so playful and also taking a good care of the kids (since we travel with a lot of kids). Snorkling with manta ray, mann what an experience, the manta dances with us! It was such an incredible feeling! Also, swim with the black tip shark, amazing!!! The birthday surprise for my youngest, ohh fabulous!
    Pa Arie was so adaptive and really try to fulfill our wishes (16 of us).
    The boat, the rooms, the decorations give us a homey feeling. 7 nights on board feels like a fly away. Aliikai has it all.. Surely can’t wait to be back on Aliikai, Misool Next!

    Lydia Lee

    WOW where should i even begin?

    WOW where should i even begin?? The boat, the rooms and ambience are as pictured and advertised. The cherry on top is no doubt the crew itself. Super helpful, friendly and always caters to our plentiful needs since we are a big family of 16. I cant name all the crew but here are some… Capt Arifin so calm and steady. Arie the tour director so welcoming and knowledgeable. Wayan, Norman and Chef always made sure our tummies are happy. Yudi and William always made sure all the kids had a blast. And dont forget the surprise birthday celebration on a private beach for my youngest son from the crew complete with cake, fireworks and the crew singing in traditional Papuan ornaments and headsets. Everything was so unforgettable. I wish i can give more stars. Raja Ampat and Aliikai are a perfect couple.

    Fery Leonardy

    Most beautiful and home feeling interior

    The Aliikai has the most beautiful and home feeling interior. It’s stylish and spacious. The staf is very welcoming and the sky is the limit when it comes to their hospitality. The cuisine is outstanding with fresh fish and vegetables. On board you’ll find new snorkling gare and dive equipment. Everyday we’ve been visiting a new island and learned about the people and their lives. I will never forget the Bajau people. (As a painter I gained lots of new inspiration). I’ve spent a week on the Aliikai and would have loved to stay even longer! I would definately recommend the Aliikai to everyone who’s looking for high end luxury and adventure.

    Judith Nijssen


    “Our passion for adventure has taken us to the far corners of the world. What we’ve discovered from planning our personal travels is that nothing brings a family or friends together like experiencing the wondrous world in comfort and ease. Traveling in a well thought out space with multiple activities and added amenities allows everyone to explore a new destination on their schedule while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

    When designing Aliikai, we wanted to create a yacht that brings people together, not only the people you’re traveling with but with those living in the far reaches of Indonesia. Experiencing foreign cultures allows us to see the world from a new perspective and appreciation.

    Aliikai is our gift to you.”



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